What is included in the Hormone Reset Hormone detox?

This is a 21-day cleanse/detox modeled after Dr. Sara's 2nd book, The Hormone Reset Diet, that moves through the 7 resets of hormones. (cortisol, thyroid, testosterone, growth hormone, leptin, insulin, and estrogen)

PREP - 2 weeks

RESET 1 - Meatless Day 1-3
RESET 2 - Sugar-Free, Day 4-6
RESET 3 - Fruitless, Day 7-9
RESET 4 - Caffeine Free, Day 10-12
RESET 5 - Grain-free, Day 13-15
RESET 6 - Dairy Free, Day 16-18
RESET 7 - Toxin Free, Day 19-21

RE-ENTRY – In this phase, you add back one food at a time and see how your body reacts.

SUSTENANCE – In your final phase, you will implement your new food code in order to sustain your weight loss and other benefits experienced from the detox.

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