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Reset360 Circle Membership Benefits
Reset360 Circle Membership Benefits
All of the access and perks of being a Reset360 Circle Member.
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The Reset360 Circle Membership that you registered for includes all of the following:

The Reset360 Membership Benefits include:

  • 10% off on online purchases.
    (You gain this with RESETMEM10 after logging in. You would only need to use this on the single items that do not have the higher quantity discounts.)

  • Free Shipping on physical products.
    (US only, you gain this with MemberSHIP after logging in)

  • Unlimited access to the detox materials while your membership is active.

  • As a reminder, our system only allows for 1 discount code per transaction. You would choose the code that gives you the highest reward for that time around.

Programs included in the Reset360 Membership are:

To access any of these programs, you need to have completed it once. Otherwise, you'll receive your login access whenever you are ready to begin the program.

The Reset360 Membership does NOT include:

  • Shakes or supplements.

  • The ability to combine membership discounts with other promotional offers or sales.

  • If you are using a rewards code or another promotional code, you will NOT receive free shipping.

  • One-time program purchases for the above programs are not eligible for extended or unlimited access to the materials.

Membership Cancellations:

  • Contact 48 hrs before the scheduled renewal date.

  • If the request to cancel is AFTER the renewal date, the payment is not eligible for a refund.

Important Membership Information:

  • No membership obligations. You can cancel at any time.

  • Quarterly/Yearly payment cancellations/refunds will be pro-rated.

  • You will need to be logged into your store account to receive the discounts.

  • Your account must be active and in good standing.

  • As a member, you will be added to all group detoxes in the year. You can email us at when you are ready to add any of the programs outside of the yearly group detox dates.

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