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How do I use my Loyalty Rewards Points?
How do I use my Loyalty Rewards Points?
Check your points balance and learn how to redeem your rewards!
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To use your rewards you will need to first log in to the store (Reset360) page.

Once logged in, visit this direct link:
or find the 'My Reset360 Rewards' on the left-hand menu of your account dashboard like here:

Check your points balance:

You will see the current balance of points in the upper left corner of the green menu. (

How to Redeem your Point for rewards:

Select the reward amount of your choice.

You'll receive a code (copy this down) that you can use on the last page during your checkout process. (

Next, you will add your new code here during your checkout process:

A few things to note for your rewards points:

  1. Keep in mind you can not use these towards auto-ship purchases with the exception of the initial registration. The reward would not be on-going.

  2. One discount code per transaction. Points discounts can not be combined with other promotions or offer codes.

  3. Circle Members' code, MemberSHIP, is not eligible for auto-ship orders. (Membership Policy)

  4. The points do not expire.

  5. If one of your vouchers becomes unusable, reach out to where an agent can refund those for you to continue accruing.

Please email if you have any additional questions and we would be happy to assist you!

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