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How do I make an appointment with Dr. Sara Gottfried?
How do I make an appointment with Dr. Sara Gottfried?
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Thank you so much for thinking of us when it comes to your health!

Dr. Gottfried has begun seeing patients in January with The Marcus Institute of Integrative Health.


789 E Lancaster Ave, Suite 110,

Villanova, PA 19085

(215) 503-9070

8:30am - 4:00pm weekdays

Be sure to complete your application here: If you are a good fit for Dr. Gottfried’s practice, The Marcus Institute of Integrative Health will contact you via email.

Dr. Gottfried is emailing the priority list every 4-8 weeks with updates so kindly check your Spam folder to see if an update email landed there. If you haven't signed up for her mailing list and are interested in learning more about her medical care, register here:


If you are interested in becoming a patient of Dr. Gottfried's and want to learn more about the care she offers, please read this article:

How will the new practice work? Will it be all telemedicine?
Here’s a summary of what to expect.

To establish yourself as a new patient, you will complete an application for telehealthcare.

To continue care, you must see Dr. Gottfried in person once per year (and within the first year of care). You will have several options:

Telehealth. You can see her via video telemedicine appointments, one-on-one. This corresponds to what she's offered in her medical practice for the past 20+ years. You'll collaboratively perform a comprehensive assessment of your health and goals, collect data to identify vulnerabilities and root causes of dysfunction (genomics and biomarkers from blood, urine, and stool), and then co-create a customized protocol just for you. For a limited number of local patients, house calls may be possible at an additional fee.

Group coaching. You will have the option to join her in an online group setting, and at a lower cost. The group visits will be led by Dr. Gottfried, and you’ll be in the company of like-minded people seeking to transform around a particular goal.

Concierge. You will have the opportunity to see her one-on-one for an exclusive and unprecedented level of concierge care with deep phenotyping that includes integration of wearable sensors, multi-omics, and the latest technology to advance your health. This program is designed for executives, VIPs, and elite athletes.

What is the approximate cost of a visit?
The cost depends on the level of care and is explained fully in the application process. We are launching first the comprehensive case review, which is a 60-90 minute 1:1 precision and functional medicine appointment via telehealth. More affordable group options and partial scholarships are launching later in 2021 along with a new deep-dive annual Executive Health membership. To learn more, please read.

I signed up for the waitlist several weeks ago but have not heard anything yet.
Thank you for submitting your form. We are reaching out to a random sample of the first cohort of applications and making appointments for Q1 of 2021. It may take 4-8 weeks to contact the accepted applicants so kindly be patient with us during this very thorough process. If you did not receive an invitation to apply, check your spam. If you did not hear from us regarding an appointment, it's either too soon or you may be from a state where Dr. Gottfried is not licensed (or the medical license is pending).

Do you accept insurance?
Dr. Gottfried has not taken insurance since 2006. Unfortunately, she cannot spend the time required for precision and functional medical care within the insurance system. She offers telehealth in PA, CA, and CO, with several other states pending. You can reach out to Dr. Birgit Rakel MD at Marcus Institute of Integrative Health, who accepts insurance for her integrative medicine appointments.

What about international patients?
Unfortunately, Dr. Gottfried is not able to see international patients at this time.

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