The short answer is yes. Generally, my Detox is safe for everyone. However, I cannot give you medical advice outside of a doctor-patient relationship. For both pregnant and lactating women, your best option is to discuss with your clinician and to avoid the supplements unless approved by him or her. Most supplements do not have proven safe in pregnancy and lactation. The exceptions are magnesium and some of the B vitamins, but it’s better to err on the side of caution and make the decision about supplements with your clinician.

That being said, here’s the juicy new information I will answer today about this question… it’s about taking methylated folate, and also for you to consider genetic testing if you haven’t already.

When it comes to methylated folate, there’s new data showing that because so many women have a problem shuttling folic acid around, and you need it for making neurotransmitters and preventing birth defects, you should take methylated folate. Now, this is the type of folate that’s in my multivitamin, which you can find at Methylate folate is needed by the vast majority of women, myself included, but especially in women trying to conceive – and you want to be taking it 3 months before conception, but it’s never too late. The methylated folate that’s in my multivitamin packet helps to prevent anemia in pregnancy and birth defects, so check it out.

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