If you want more information on my book The Hormone Cure, it’s a 432-page document describing how I approach things like excess estrogen. This is where you need to seek my answers on this subject. I would encourage you to take a look at my book if you haven’t yet. Yes, even for women after menopause, we know that excess estrogen is something that all of us struggle with, men and women whether you’re a teenager or you’re in your reproductive years or you’re in peri-menopause, menopause or post menopause. So, the answer is yes, excess estrogen affects all of us.

Estrogen dominance is defined relative to progesterone in women. In men, it’s defined relative to testosterone. That’s testosterone to estrogen ratio, and for women it’s progesterone to estrogen ratio. You want to have a ratio of ideally about 100 to 500 in your saliva.

If you’re before menopause, you can measure it ideally on Day 21 or 22 of your cycle. I talk about all of this in my book The Hormone Cure. Some of the things that really help you when it comes to correcting estrogen dominance are: One, getting rid of fructose. Two, getting enough fiber. You’ve heard me talk about that. 35-45 grams a day if you’re a woman. 40-50 grams a day if you’re a man. Three, getting rid of red meat.

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