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Want to lose weight, reset your hormones, detoxify and reclaim your body? Just thirty days, and you can enjoy weight-loss, improved sleep, improved digestive and joint health, improved libido, glowing skin, and an overall boost in well-being and mental clarity. Exciting new features, a new community, and a completely new Detox website await you in our Detox.


We've shortened and simplified the comprehensive Hormone Reset Detox program into an easy and fun 7-Day quick-start. You PREP using Dr. Sara's Quick-start Guide and our private Facebook Community. We start Day 1 with all seven food eliminations - necessary to detox fast and get your hormones tuned. Each day you'll get a daily program email and short daily video. We provide easy measurements tracker, meal plans, and recipes.


Poor aging, weight gain, inflammation, and hormone imbalance are at the root of most disease. From wrinkles to digestive issues, sleep problems, losing your fitness and energy depletion, your symptoms multiply as you get older. Your body is telling you that your genes are not working at their best. With this Aging Reset you will cover the 7 Younger Protocols in depth on a weekly basis: Food, Sleep, Move, Release, Expose, Soothe, and Think. You’ll learn the reasons your aging speeds up in our modern day world of busyness. Your genes can be turned on and off to your advantage. The symptoms of fast aging, from fatigue to osteoporosis to cancer, can lead to a shorter health-span (the amount of time you feel most alive and brimming with energy).


With easy-to-follow emails and course materials, our road-map guides you through the full Younger Protocol to develop your personal anti-aging plan in a more streamlined and condensed 7-day version of our Aging Reset Detox program. This program is designed to inspire you for deep, long-lasting results. You will PREP by building a strong foundation for your Younger Challenge gathering your supplies and motivation. Upgrade your food, sleep, and exercise with the 3 Anti-Aging Prerequisites. Once your foundation is built, it's time to pick your Challenge start date. Over the 7 Days of your Challenge, you will review, learn, and implement elements from each of the 7 Younger Protocols: Food, Sleep, Move, Release, Expose, Soothe, and Think.


A simple, effective, straightforward program to help you feel happier, sexier, lighter, less tired, energetic, productive and hormonally balanced FAST...without surgeries, magic pills or fad diets. Using my unique system for balancing hormones and reclaiming health naturally, you can feel better from your cells to your soul without surgeries, magic pills or fad diets (and have fun doing it!). I’ll get you on the fast track to soaring energy, better mental focus, healthier metabolism, smokin’ hot sex drive, and an upbeat mood.

If all of the detoxes sound great to you, consider joining as a yearly member.

Reset360 Circle Membership

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Two Full Group Hormone Reset Detox Programs per year ($197 value per program)

  • One Full Group Aging Reset Program per year ($197 value)

  • Unlimited Access to the Hormone Reset and Aging Reset programs content and materials to complete either of these programs while you are a current member in good standing.

  • Two Community 7-Day Detox program ($97 value per program)

  • Year-round access to the Reset360 Circle Community

  • 10% off ALL Reset360 products*

  • FREE shipping on all purchases made in the Reset360 Store**

*Excludes items already on sale

**When no other discount code is used

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